Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly

I had a discussion the other day about how reading other peoples blogs sometimes makes you feel bad about yourself. We decided this is because everyone only posts about the good stuff.
I vowed that next time I had a rotten day I would post about it.

But first The Good- We got the house. It officially became ours on Monday. Wahoo!

The Bad- Lincoln has had a fever for the last few days.
In a perfect world,
I would take him into the doctor and they would know just what to do. You know, with that MD behind your name you better be smarter than me.
I wouldn't have to remind the pediatrician(every time) of Lincolns history.
I wouldn't ever hear the doctor say "I THINK that it is an ear infection...so lets just go ahead and treat him for that." With eight years of schooling I would hope you would be able to identify an ear infection with confidence.
In a perfect world I wouldn't have to remind the doctor that Lincoln was just on Amoxicillin a few weeks ago so perhaps a stronger antibiotic would be more beneficial for him.

( I hold the up most respect for doctors and surgeons. They did after all fix my baby's heart. But I get so frustrated with some of them. )

The Ugly-
Lincoln got denied health insurance.
He no longer qualifies for CHIP because of Will's new job, nor can we get new insurance because Lincoln has a pre-existing condition.

Dear health care system,
You Suck.

Dear House,
Please clean your self.

Dear stack of boxes,
If you could grow legs and walk to our new house, that would be wonderful.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fathers Day Tribute

To the most amazing father and husband anyone could ask for. I don't think I could have found a better fit. Will truly is my better half. He is such a wonderful dad.

Thank you for taking care of me for 9 months.
Thank you for being my rock through the hardest six weeks of my life.
Thank you for staying up countless nights reading medical articles, just to understand what was happening in Lincolns little body.
Thank you for changing Lincoln's diapers :) even the poopy ones.
Thank you for being a role model to Lincoln.
Thanks for all of your amazingness!!!
Dear Dad,
I wish that you could have met Will. I think that you would have liked him.
I wish that Lincoln had a chance to meet his Grandpa. I think you would like him too:)
I miss you.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cute...even under pressure

Everyone thinks their baby is the cutest baby in town, right? So why not enter them in a baby contest to solidify your opinion. I had to prepare myself for the sad fact that Lincoln might not win.
I always swore I would never enter my baby in a baby contest. Maybe it's because I was entered in Salem days baby contest and got 23rd place. I have had a complex ever since.

But we had a lot of fun! Lincoln flirted with the judges, and gave it his all.
They judge physical features, personalities and behavior, unique talents/cute traits, and reaction to judges.

Congratulations baby Linc!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

8 months

Lincoln is 8 months old today! I love each stage Lincoln goes through! He is becoming so much more interactive. My favorite time of the day is bath time. I carry Lincoln upstairs and start filling up the tub. He knows exactly what will happen next and nearly jumps out of my arms in excitement. I lay him on the bed and get him undressed. He giggles and laughs the whole time. The second his diaper comes off he flips over and starts crawling around like a mad man. I pick him up and bounces up and down until I finally put him in the tub. Then he laughs and splashes with his bath toys. I seriously LOVE this kid, he is so much fun.

I love the smell of clean baby.

We are still getting used to him crawling. I will put him in the living room and walk to the kitchen to get a drink. As I close the fridge there's Lincoln with a huge smile on his face.
He is defiantly happy with his new ability to explore the world on his own.

P.s. He has recovered very well from his surgery. Such a little champ.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The last few weeks have been so crazy! With Will's new job, Lincoln's surgery, Car shopping, House negotiating, and packing I totally forgot to post about our trip to Oregon to see my sister Soni. We had a blast!
We went to Multnomah Falls and the fish hatchery to see the giant sturgeon.

Brandon demonstrating how big the Sturgeons are.
Lincoln getting ready to devour a giant ice cream cone.
We also stopped by to see our friends Dave and Kelli. They are moving back to Utah! Lincoln is pretty excited to have another friend to play with.
And share secrets with.

Andrea and Lincoln.

We went to the Portland temple.

We stood in line FOREVER at Voodoo doughnuts for the famous bacon maple bar.

Lincoln had fun playing with a squirrel. Some old people walked by and were completely disgusted with my adoration of the cute squirrel. "That is a rodent you know."

The Rose Gardens smelled wonderful.

On our last night we enjoyed our Voodoo doughnuts while playing Ticket to Ride. Which I have to admit, was a lot more fun then I thought it would be.
Thanks Soni and Brandon for the fun weekend!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Post op

My baby never ceases to amaze me. The surgery went great, Lincoln is such a trooper. Sorry I didn't update the blog sooner, the last few days have been a little crazy. As you can imagine Lincoln wasn't very happy with us after what we put him through. He wanted to be held all day, and I obliged. He is doing much better now and almost back to his happy self.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Surgery tomorrow

Lincoln is getting surgery tomorrow to fix his Hypospadias tomorrow morning. I have this knot is the pit of my stomach. I'm nervous and anxious and a little nauseous. I know that the 1 1/2 hour procedure doesn't even come close to comparing to the 9 hour open heart surgery, but the thought of poor Lincoln in pain once again breaks my heart. I am crying a little. I know, I am a big baby!
I am relieved that we are able to get the surgery since the last few weeks have been a mess of trying to figure out how to get insurance to cover it. We were planning on waiting for Will to get a job so that we would have better insurance. To our dismay we were informed that no insurance would accept Lincoln until after he had this surgery. So, we were in a bit of a frenzy trying to schedule a consultation and a surgery while Lincoln was still covered under CHIP.


Now that that is all taken care of the only thing I have to worry about is Lincoln getting sick tonight and not being able to get his surgery tomorrow. (And the fact that Lincoln will be in pain for several weeks.)
If anyone feels like praying for us that would be AWESOME!!!