Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I can't get enough!

I can't get enough of these blue eyes!!!! I love this little guy more than words can say!
He learning and growing everyday, and will be two in two months.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Ever since Lincoln's jungle birthday party he has been crazy about animals! We finally took him to the zoo, and he LOVED IT! He was running from animal to animal, making all of the animal sounds.
His favorite was the elephant.

However, he was not a big fan of the one that blew water at you. Look at his sad face.

Will, and Lincoln imitating the giraffe

We had a very fun, very HOT day at the zoo!

Friday, July 8, 2011

32 weeks!

I am getting pretty excited to meet this little guy, and even more excited for Lincoln to have a little brother. I can hardly believe that I am only 8 or so weeks away from having 2 kids!
We officially decided that I wont be going back to work. I was planning on working until I had the baby but Lincoln has been struggling at school (biting and hitting) and we decided it would be best to have a few weeks off before the baby comes to get him on a schedule and have some mommy/Lincoln time. SO my last day will be August 5th.
I'm super sad to quit, I love my job! But I know that I will love being a stay at home mom even more.

Here's a 32 week belly shot. I think I have taken like 4 pictures total this time around! Last time I took 4 or so a week so we could make a time laps video. Worth doing ONE time.
At this point I am feeling pretty good. I have lost my appetite yet again, however I am not complaining. I have already gained 26 pounds more than I wanted to.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July happenings.

It seams that we have been going non stop for the last couple weeks! Gotta love summertime!
My sister Soni was here visiting the last week, we spent the time soaking up the sun at Seven Peaks, hitting up Trafalga, and watching movies.

Oh we also went to the Stadium of Fire! The boys were all pained to have to listen to an hour of country music, but I loved Brad Paisley! He is a fantastic performer.

We had a surprise birthday party for Soni the first day she was here.
We went up to our family cabin for a day to celebrate my moms birthday!

It's been a fun couple of weeks!