Friday, September 21, 2012

The Birthday Project part 2

I know this is a little late, but I did finish my 25 acts of kindness on my birthday.

17) Let someone go ahead of me in line

18) Took care of the kids so Will could take a nap.

19) Made Will breakfast in bed.

20) Visited a friend in the hospital.

21) Left a treat in the mailbox for the mailman.

22) Paid for someones groceries.

23) Bought lemonade from the neighbor kids.

24) Took a handful of kids out of sacrament so their parents could just listen.

25) Took doughnuts to the fire fighters.

Tears are streaming down my face as I type the last one. Partly because it was a really neat experience and also because I know it is long over due. It has been two years since Will's accident, and this was the first time that I did anything to thank the men that saved Will's life.
I figured that I would just drop the doughnuts off, give a quick thank you and be on my way. They answered the door and asked Lincoln if he wanted to come in and see the fire trucks. He of course said yes and started running around in circles. He climbed up on the truck and I took his pictures.

We made small talk for a few seconds and then I said "You may not remember me, but my husband was in an accident a few years ago and I remember you being one of the men who helped save his life." He said "Yes I was the lead paramedic that day. I have thought about that call a lot....It his really close to home for a lot of us." We talked about how Will was doing and he asked if the crazy little boy running up and down the fire trucks was the one I was holding in my arms when they arrived at the house.

He talked about how us coming and knowing everything went well with Will, brought him a lot of closure. We also talked about how we both had separately made the call to not lift the car off of Will with the jack, and how we had struggled with that decision, not knowing for sure if that was the right call.

I told him Will was in the car and would love to also say thank you. So he walked out to the car and talked to Will for a few minutes. He told him how lucky he was to be alive and asked if he had bought car jack blocks.

We said thank you a few more times and we were on our way.

This was the best Birthday by far. I love the feeling that you get from forgetting yourself and serving others. I may not do something everyday, but  I will continue to try to do the little things and serve my friends, neighbors, family and strangers. If you do the same I know your lives will be richly blessed.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Birthday Project part 1

I debated posting about this, I don't want to try to seem like I am bragging about how awesome I am. But I was inspired by reading about it on a friends blog, so I figured maybe I could do some inspiring as well. This year for my birthday I decided to participate in The Birthday Project. 
Basically instead of focusing on yourself, you do an act of kindness for every year you've been alive.
So since I am turning 25 this year, I am doing 25 acts of kindness. I should have started 25 days before my birthday, but I only heard about it Monday. SO I have been crunching in the kindness.

This has been my experience so far:
First, I wrote up a list of things that I could do. I figured I would try to make at least one service a day be for my family. Then the other two were planned and I prayed to be presented with opportunities to serve as well. It's interesting how much it changes your attitude when you are actively looking for people to serve. Suddenly the world didn't revolve around me. :)

1) Packed Will's bags for him. He went out of town for a business trip last week, and he hates packing. So I did it for him.

2) Returned shopping carts left in the parking lot.

3) Bought lunch for the guy behind me at the drive-through.

4) Invited friends over for dinner.

5) died my sisters hair for her.

6) Wrote a note of encouragement to a friend.

7) Left money in the vending machines at Walmart.

8) Did a photo shoot for free.

9) Let someone go ahead of me in line.

10) Baby sat my friends baby.

11) Left a stack of $2 off coupons by the baby food.

12) Left quarters in the candy machines.

13) Spent the day giving my children 100% of my attention. No facebook, no pinterest, no emailing. I know this is what I should be doing all of the time, but I don't.

14) Brought treats to my old co-workers at R-kids. Let them know I missed them. :)

15) Did the dishes for Will. (dishes are Will's job :))

16) Made cookies for a friend.

Nine more to go with just three days left. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Birthday Boy!

My sweet baby is now one. Don't  know where that year went, but it is gone. I feel like I savored every moment and made each day matter. At least I tried to.
Spencer's birthday was a blast. We had an owl themed party and as always lots of treats.

 Spencer was not shy about digging in to his cake.

 All of the kids made little owl masks.

 Opening presents.

A little about Spencer at 1 year:

He knows about four words, mom, dad, Bosco, and uh oh. His preferred method of communication is growling. (occasionally he will say please and thank you)

He is a Lincoln in training, he's a little busy body and loves to climb, make messes, and torment his brother.

He loves to give kisses, but hasn't mastered the closed mouth kiss.

He loves balls, and cars.

His preferred mode of transportation is running.

He is a complete mamma's boy and can't bear going the whole night with out seeing me. So he wakes up a couple times to visit.

He is very persistent and doesn't give up when he wants something.

He loves his big brother, and follows him everywhere he goes. He's like a little puppy.

Oh how we love him!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Ok, I have been slacking big time on the blog posts. Life has been crazy busy lately, but I am here to give an update.

I started watching my friends little baby last month. He is three months old, and adorable. Need proof? Look here. He is an amazing little babe, but I find my free time has decreased significantly. Lincoln loves having a little baby in the house, but Spencer is a little more on the jealous side.

In other news, Will turned 31! He claims he is only 30 since he was in a coma for his 29th birthday. I still put 31 candles on his cake. Will got the day off and we had a fantastic fun filled day.
 Will about to eat his creme brulee cake, YUM

We also spent time at our family cabin as part of our family "stay cation"

 We went to cascade springs, the lake, Seven Peaks, the Zoo, the Beach Resort, had lots of good food and lots of fun. I love my seeters. (most of the time :)

Spencer is turning one on Saturday! Can you believe it? One year? My baby!?!?
We had a fun little cake smash photo shoot.

That's all I have for now. Hopefully I will post again before another month passes.