Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 months!

My hansom little man is 10 months! 

Spencer at 10 months:
He has four 1/2 teeth.
His fingernails grow at the speed of light.
He cruises around the furniture and takes a few steps.
He loves food. Avocado's are his favorite.
He doesn't slow down enough to nurse much during the day, so he makes up for it by nursing several times in the night.
He likes to scream and make all sorts of crazy noises. He thinks his voice is pretty rad.
He loves to sing and dance.
His favorite thing to do: Torment his brother.

Spencer is a strong willed, energetic, mischievousness, persistent little guy. (Sound familiar?) He keeps us laughing and always on our toes.
He can hold his own in a fight with Lincoln, which is actually quite entertaining to watch.

 He is also a GQ model.

Monday, July 2, 2012

My kids are cute

...or at least I think so! We decided we should enter Spence in the baby contest just to make sure

 And he won. I guess I'm not just bias.
We did the Pleasant Grove baby contest and they did a little ribbon instead of a medal like Lincoln got, but we did get a $25 gift card to Walmart! Wahoo! I think I will go buy Spencer a medal.