Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Strawberry days rodeo

Oh how I love the rodeo! The strawberries and cream make it that much more enjoyable. Lincoln LOVES horses. We drive past them everyday on the way home from work, and we always have to stop for Lincoln to say hi to the "Neighs". Then as soon as we pass them he says "More, More."

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Happy father's day to my amazing husband!
Lincoln is so lucky to have such a patient, loving, kind, and faithful father. I hope that he can follow in his footsteps. I don't think Will realized how much he would love being a dad. He does a fantastic job at it.

I try really hard on father's day to focus on how lucky I am to have married such an amazing man, and not on the fact that I miss my dad and step dad, but it will always be a bittersweet day. I made it until 11:30 without crying yesterday. I was so close. I think the thing that gets to me the most is that Lincoln will grow up without a grandpa. :( It's a good thing Will is a good enough dad to make up for it.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another baby contest, another medal...

We didn't have our hopes high going to the award ceremony after Lincoln's less than stellar performance due to his being scared of the judge. I can't blame him, she was a little scary. Lincoln wouldn't even smile! Which is so unlike him. After we walked away from the judging table a photographer came up and started snapping pictures of Lincoln. She told us how cute he was, asked for his name tag and walked away. We didn't think much of it.
Lincoln was not a big fan of the judges, but he did love the play room. Who would have thought that foam peanuts could be so entertaining. We sat back and watched Lincoln make a mess, knowing we didn't have to clean it up.

So on to the reward ceremony, they listed off the winners and it wasn't a shocker that Lincoln wasn't on the list. Then the lady who we thought was a photographer stood up. She was actually the chairman and awarded Lincoln with an honorable mention medal.  It's not first place but we are still proud parents! (and still think he's the cutest baby in the world.)

Go Lincoln!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lincoln's big boy room.

I have been planning, collecting, and crafting things for Linc's big boy room for the last year and a half. It all started when I saw an alphabet wall on some design blog that I fell in love with. I wanted to do it in the nursery but decided that I better wait until we bought a house and knew we were going to be there a while. So I have been collecting letters for the last year, and now his room is complete! One of the reasons I was excited for another boy was that I could but all of my time, energy and money into the room instead of the nursery. (I also have my dream girl nursery brewing in my head.) And eventually both boys will be in the same room so I was doing it for both of them. :)
Here is the room before:

And after:

 And again after Lincoln has 3 seconds with it.

The curtains were my favorite find. DI $8. They were perfect!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dear Universe,

Dear Universe,
I would like to go on a cruise. I'm just going to throw it out there, and wish, and hope, and maybe in time, (a year and a half would be perfect timing) I will get my wish.
p.s. I will also need someone to watch my kids.
Thank you.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I love summer Saturdays

I love all of the summer festivals! We went to the Saratoga Splash, and the Orem Fest Saturday. Lincoln loved the parade. He waved hi to every float that passed. He danced and laughed the whole time, except when the scary monkey pulled his motorcycle right in front of us. Linc was terrified!

I'm now in my third trimester and getting more and more nervous about having a toddler and a new born. Lincoln has so much energy! I hope I can keep up with this ball of life.