Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas is officially over.... We took down our tree today.

We spent the last two hours vacuuming pine needles out of our carpet. And by we, I mean Will. I just figure, hey they make the house smell good lets just leave them there. Good thing I have Will to keep me in check. Our tree was completely dead so there was a trail of pine needles from where the tree was to the door. Will picked them all up by hand. Jk our vacuum did...pretty sure it will never work again. Any are some pics to send off Christmas.

Our Christmas Festivities included....
Hanging out with the fam

Making gingerbread houses
Going to see the Christmas lights in Spanish Fork
Going to see the candy windows on Center
And of course building a snow man. This was Wills first snow man. Not bad eh? He did turn into the Joker after the candy disintegrated. It was pretty scary, which is probably why someone knocked his head off.


The Delgado Family said...

haha love the snowman! you guys are so cute! yeah i am due april 22nd! wahoo! how are you guys?? we should get together again soon =)

Anonymous said...

Did you NOT take a picture of the snowman when he turned eeevilll? That was so funny/scary. haha.