Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Justine's Belly

Justine is having a baby boy the end of May! We are all so excited for baby Jaxton/Palmer/Zion/Brody she doesn't really have a name yet. I had to post her baby bump pictures because she is just so cute! I also took some lake pictures. We took a bike ride to the lake on Sunday and all the ice is completely melted. Summer is coming!


Anonymous said...

You guys are cuties. :-)

Soni said...

So cute! I was never a cute pregnant person with the whole 'basketball in front' thing. In fact, when I was pregnant with Andrea and Jared was about 3 he came up to me, patted my belly and said: "This is where the baby is?" I smiled sweetly and said "yes". Then he patted my big ol' bum and said "This is where the other baby is?" I restrained myself from beating him.

Soni said...

PS- I vote for any name but Zion. All in favor please raise your right hand.