Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bye bye binky

We decided it was time to take away Connors binky. He is obsessed with the thing, and it appears to be messing up his front teeth. I knew it would need to be replaced with something else. Yesterday we took a trip to build a bear and told Connor to pick out a new stuffed animal. I told him beforehand that we would be giving the new stuffed animal his binky.

Connor picked out the cutest little giraffe. He happily put his binky inside the giraffe along who knows how many hearts he shoved in there, and the sweet lady sewed him up. He carried his new toy around the mall tucked under his arm, giving it kisses and hugs all the way.

Cute right?

Very, very cute. Until bed time rolled around.
When I said Connor was a little obsessed with his binky, I was wrong. The kid went ballistic. It was like a full on exorcism. He was thrashing and screaming "BBBBBBBEEEEEE!"

We tried singing, laying down with him, pacing the floor, and we tried just putting him in his crib and letting him cry. He threw himself out of the crib in a matter of seconds. Three hours later I finally got him to sleep. After a blissful hour of sleep he jumped out of his crib again. He screamed as I tried to calm him. At that point I would have ripped that adorable little giraffe open myself if we didn't have an extra stash in the dresser.

The Binky is back.

There are worse things than messed up teeth right?

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