Friday, January 22, 2010


This day has been a stressful one.
A week and a half ago Lincoln was supposed to get his second synagis shot. We went in and they told us we would have to wait until our medicaid pre-authorized it. Apparently the program medicaid selected for us isn't a very good one. NOT THAT I AM COMPLAINING AT ALL.

I go into work after Lincoln's appointment and low and behold the preschool had a breakout of RSV, the very condition for which the synagis is a vaccination.

After several phone calls the shot finally arrived at the doctors today. The only problem was Lincoln was congested all night and had a small cough, symptoms of not only the common cold but also RSV. I called and asked if they could still give him the shot with symptoms of RSV, they said yes, and I headed to the docs. Once I got there I found out the doctor had a different oppinion. He didn't feel comfortable giving the shot until he knew that Lincoln didn't have RSV.

He sent us to the hospital to test him. When the lady got out the nasal tube I felt a huge relief...they just test his snot.


I have never seen Lincoln cry so hard. It doesn't get easier to see your baby in pain.
Poor little guy.

So now we wait for the test results to come back.
If he doesn't have it he will get his shot on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Wow that is rough! I hope everything works out okay, we will keep him in our prayers.

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Me, too. We'll continue with our prayers for Lincoln. Nothing worse than watching your little one suffer or be in pain. More than anything, we'll pray he doesn't get RSV. Some of my grandchildren have had it, and it's not good. ):

Justine said...

What medicaid plan did they put you on? If you ever have questions about medicaid ask me or Jere! We know everything possible about it from dealing with it this last year. Sadly.