Monday, May 10, 2010


Last week Will had an interview in California. Lincoln and I decided we needed some sun, so we joined him.
Lincoln loved the beach! He was fascinated with the waves...from a distance. He wasn't too keen on me sticking his feet in though.

Lincoln and I hung out at the pool during Will's 7 hour interview. I think we had more fun.

Lincoln liked our bed.

After the beach we walked along the Santa Cruz board walk and found the most amazing thing ever!!!!! A Giant Slam-a-winner arcade game, which happens to be my favorite! I thought the small version was awesome, this one blew it away! I told Will I just had to play it. He rolled his eyes and helped me find change for his 20. I won 35 tickets and I went to cash them in and claim my prize.

Then I hear Will yell "Wait come back".
He couldn't control himself either. He won 250 tickets. Best 5 bucks we ever spent.


Soni said...

What a nice little get-a-way for you! Glad you got to enjoy some sunshine!

Leanne Barlow said...

That pic of Lincoln on the bed is adorable.

Justine and Kolby said...

I'm so glad that Will got a job here instead of in California! We would miss you guys too much if you moved away.

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Califoria dreamin' - ah, it looks wonderful! Darling pictures of the boy, of course. You and Will look pretty happy, too. Fun! I LOVE California!

Katie said...

Ok Cara...I figured out why I hadn't seen that picture--I totally missed this entire post! Lincoln is a little dream...his smile is contagious--I smile for minutes! I'm totally envious about the giant-slam, don't tell Hank or we'll have to go there! hahaha