Thursday, December 9, 2010

bye bye binkie

We did it! Lincoln has been binkie free for the last week. Wahoo! I was nervous but he did pretty good. It's bitter sweet. I still remember how much joy I felt the first time Lincoln had a binkie! (No more ET tube) And now it's gone, my baby isn't a baby anymore.
He is also pretty much done nursing. Which is also bitter sweet. With how much I struggled with it you would think I would be jumping for joy the day I was done. But it has turned out to be such a special, bonding experience. It's good to finally have my body back to myself. It's nice to wear whatever I want to, and eat what ever I want to, or as little as I want to. It's nice to leave him with a sitter and not have to worry about how he will eat.
It's crazy how fast Lincoln is growing, time flies. 



Kristin said...

Good job!

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Oh so grown up and yet still so young!! Bittersweet, for sure. Love the pictures.