Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

We spent Christmas Eve at my moms house, which inevitably led to the annual manger play. My mom split the role of Mary between me and my sister as to not hurt anyone's feelings. Lincoln was baby Jesus. Disaster struck when the donkey came into play. Little did we know that Linc is terrified of masks. Blood curtailing screams from baby Jesus. It was pretty exciting. Anyway here are some random pictures of recent festivities.
Lincoln learning to be soft with Bosco
Look at all this snow!!!!

Will went to St. George for a short business trip, so Lincoln and I had a date. 
We stopped by to see the tabernacle.

We rode the train at the mall. Lincoln loved every minute of it.
We are in the process of a kitchen makeover.


Soni said...

Love the baby Jesus story, and that Mom made you split the Mary role. Too funny- so Mom. Your kitchen looks fabulous! I love the red wall, and did you get new countertops, or just change them somehow? See ya soon! Merry Christmas!

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

What great photos!!! I love the pageant story--poor Lincoln. So the donkey wears a mask??

I didn't know you were in Provo. You and Lincoln should have come to see us at Brad's house!! They live pretty close to the tabernacle.

Having seen the "new" kitchen in person, I must stay it's simply stunning! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen turned out super duper :)