Friday, March 9, 2012

6 months!

Time is FLYING! Holy cow, my baby is half way to being one. When did that happen?
He is still an amazing baby and I can't take my eyes off of him.
Seriously? Look at this adorable face!

We are all loving spending every minute we can laughing and playing with sweet Spencer.
Still refuses the bottle.
Loves to bounce the the jumper.
Loves to babble and scream.
Sitting up, rolling over, trying to crawl.

16.9 pounds 45%
27 inches long 75%
17.25 head circumference 50%


Adam and Hilary said...

He's soo cute! love the pictures of him in his adorable hat and mittens!

Soni said...

I love his hat and mittens! So cute- he looks like a little elf!

Heather Tolley said...

So cute! He's so sweet. Loved hanging with Linc Saturday but a little sad I didn't really see Spencer. Such a sweetheart he is.

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Happy "half birthday" (6 months) to Spencer! He is, indeed, a cutie! Who made the wonderful hat and mittens? Love them, too. :)Great picturees, Cara!