Friday, August 10, 2012

11 Months

Spencer is almost a year. I don't think I can handle how fast he is growing up. He is a crazy little ball of energy!

A little about Spencer at 11 months:
~He is walking about 50% of the time.
~He is very persistent and bounces up every time he falls.
~He loves getting into things and causing mischief with his older brother.
~His favorite food is avocado.
~He is a complete mommas boy.
~He says "uh oh" "mama" and "dada"
~He can climb up anything, and does it quite frequently.
~He loves to torment Bosco.
~He puts everything he can possibly get a hold of in his mouth.
~He has yet to sleep through the night. However, he claps when I come to get him for night time feedings, which I think it totally worth the loss of sleep. Adorable.

I think he is the cutest 11 month old I know :) but I might be a little bias.

 I don't know why he insisted on giving me the stink eye the entire shoot, but oh well, still cute.
He pulled the trash can out of the pantry so he could stand up to the table and see what Lincoln was doing. Funny kid.

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Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

So, so, so CUTE!! I cannot believe how grown up he is. Where did that time go?? Can't wait to see him in person later this year.

Love the last pix of him standing on the garbage can to see Lincoln. :) So cute!