Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Half Birthday!

Lincoln is 6 months old! I can hardly believe it! He is growing up so fast. I can't get enough of him!

Sweet potatoes
Water bottles

Green beans
Sleeping through the night

Likes looking at himself in the mirror.

Likes to swing and play with Kolby.

Loves going on walks.

And of course he loves to smile. He smiles at everyone every where we go. We have had several people say they want to steal him. Will is always alarmed by such a statement.
We are so in love with our little miracle. Every time he smiles my heart melts and I thank God that we live in a time that our babies small little heart was able to be repaired.


Kristin said...

Cute pictures! Before you know it, he's going to be a year old :)

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

What a cutie, cutie! Are his eyes really as blue as shown in that first picture? I want to see him in person!

Adri said...

Hey, Preston has that outfit! Lincoln was so fun to sit behind in church on Sunday - he is such a cutie!!

Soni said...

I want to steal him too! Be afraid Will, be afraid! Love his little monkey butt :)

Anonymous said...

Good grief Cara, between your adorable smiley baby and your sweet narrations, I just can't visit your blog without tearing up!!!