Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010.

Oh what a year! I am excited to start fresh with 2011. To an accident, surgery free year. 

We went to a 80's night party at classic skating.
 In February we were able to go snow boarding, the one and only time this year.

Will continued to work his butt off in order to graduate in April after taking time off for Lincoln's surgery. We made sure to make time for Nickel City.

Will Graduated from BYU with his Masters. 

We had a month full of traveling. We went to Moab with friends, California for a job interview, and we also went to Oregon to visit my sister Soni. Shortly after the job interview in Cali, Will got a job offer here in Utah, and we took it!

June was a good and bad month for Lincoln. He had to have surgery, but he did win the Freedom Festival baby contest.

At the beginning of July we had our annual family cabin trip. We also bought our first house! On July 15th we said goodbye to my second Dad.

In August Will gave me a couple more ulcers by landing himself in the ICU. He has earned the name miracle boy number two.
In September we celebrated our Three year wedding anniversary and my birthday!

In October we celebrated Lincoln's 1st birthday!!!!
We went to California in November to spend time with Will's family. While we were there we went to Will's 10 year reunion.

We had another nice relaxing Christmas at home this year. And discovered that Lincoln hates Santa.


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Ahhh! What a year!!! It was nice to see some really "fun" times mixed in with the scary times.

A great year-end review! Loved it.

May 2011 be just what you want: surgery and accident-free. :)

Soni said...

Love the month by month summary with pics! What a good idea. It was great to see you all. Hope the next year is fabulous!