Thursday, September 16, 2010

11 Months

Our baby is almost a year old!!!!
I love him to pieces!!!!!
He has developed such a sweet and cuddly side the last few weeks. He loves giving hugs and kisses. He even gives himself kisses.
His bff is Zac
I love his blue eyes
He had his first hair cut!
I had to start putting bubbles in his bath so he couldn't pull the plug out and stick his fingers down the drain. I love watching him try to find his feet under the bubbles.

He has four (going on five) big chompers.

He has moved from pile driving Bosco (the cat), to attacking his friends at the preschool. Not so cute.

He recently learned how to clap.
It has been so much fun watching him grow the last year!


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

GREAT PICTURES! Love every single one! Can't wait to meet that boy in a few months. Happy 11 months old Lincoln. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Such a character.

Aaron and Julie said...

it goes by so fast!! Your lil guy looks like quite the silly lil man!!

Samantha F. said...

Oh Cara he is precious! He looks quite a bit like you, such a stud.

dkkemp said...

BFFs 4eva!

Justine and Kolby said...

Kolby is sad that Lincoln has another best friend:) I can't believe that he is already almost 1years old!

Soni said...

Has he figured out how to go DOWN the stairs yet? We miss him already!