Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adjusting to two

Do these sweet little things test my patience? Na...there too cute right?
Lincoln has actually been adjusting very well to having a new baby brother. But he keep up with. He is so full of energy and curiosity. And so, it's true I have been losing my patience, a lot.
And as I am asking him to the nth time to stop jumping from the window seal on to the couch, I have to remind myself that he is not TRYING to drive me to my breaking point, he is just a toddler whose needs are not being met. Mental, emotional, physical? If he is jumping of the walls, literally, then I need to take him outside to exercise a little bit.

So as I finish nursing Spencer and walk into the kitchen to see this.......

"Fat cake mamma, Fat cake!"
(That's what he calls cake)

What needs of Lincoln were not met you ask?
I forgot to give him a snack.


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

I think y'all just need to fly away for a few days---like to Tennessee. A change of scenery will help, right?

Actually, Lincoln sounds like a very typical "almost-two-year-old."

Soni said...

LLOL-literally Laughed out loud! Is that your freezer drawer Linc has his head stuck in? Give the boy some Fat Cake woman!!! and way to keep your hands clean boy!

Lizabee said...

Cara do I need to steal some of the baby charts from work for you to keep track of Lincoln? ;) just wait til you have three kids and start forgetting dinner too!