Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy 30th!

Happy Birthday to my amazing, loving, caring, thoughtful, wonderful, funny, devoted husband!
I would have got this post up yesterday had I not spent 3 hours making the blasted cake. Note to self: Use the cake mix from the box next time.

Ok, so I know this doesn't look like it should have taken that long to make, but here is the fruit of my labors. The fondant didn't work out like I wanted it to.
We went to the movies, (Lincoln sat through the whole thing!) and then went to Tucanos for dinner. MMMMM, Nothing makes a pregnant lady happier than all you can eat salad, bread, soup, yummy pineapple and MEAT! I would say this year was way better than last year.


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WILL!!! I love the cake, Cara. Definitely worth the 3 hours. :)

PS ~ I kept wondering if perhaps Spencer would be born on his Dad's birthday. :)

Soni said...

The cake looks fab- but I have learned with the exception of a fabulous homemade chocolate cake, the mix is almost always the way to go!
Tucanos (sp) sounds so yummy! We have got to go there when I am there. and yes, this year had to be better than last.