Friday, November 20, 2009

One more night

Ever since Lincoln was admitted to the hospital he earned the nick name of "Chunky monkey", they called him the king of the CVICU. Now on the day we were supposed to be discharged his weight is what is holding us back. I guess under normal circumstances a 5 week old baby should weigh more than 7 pounds 7 ounces. So after losing 60 grams the deal is if Lincoln stays the same weight or gains weight we can still be discharged tomorrow morning, otherwise they may hold us here until he is gaining weight. So pray like crazy! Hopefully the next post I write will be about our trip home.
Lincoln seeing the outside world for the first time.

My cordless baby!!!!


Holly said...

Curt says to put pennies in his diaper. :) We will definitely be praying for you! That was the exact same condition we were under for Tucker to come home--so stressful! Good luck! Lincoln has proved to be one strong little man, so I'm sure he'll pull through. Hang in there! You're so close!!!

Anonymous said...

Cordless baby, HAHAHAHAHAH. I laughed so hard. Clever Cara. Haha. We will pray and pray! You look so happy and glowing to hold your baby! and you should be, it is so exciting. finally how it should be!!! Much love.

The Rowburys said...

Cordless babies are the best! I'm happy for you!

Kristin said...

Great picture! I love them! Good luck with is weight